Who We Are

Insuring with the MHCA Workers’ Compensation Fund (MHCAWCF) is an investment in the future of your business. Membership helps you reduce Workers’ Compensation costs and contain losses, care for your employees, and in most years, realize a surplus return.

Nurse's station.

MHCAWCF, founded in 1991, is a source of affordable workers’ compensation group self-insurance protection for long-term care facilities in the State of Maine.

MHCAWCF is an efficient member-owned organization with the expertise and flexibility to respond to the current challenging business and regulatory climate. As a member, you take ownership in the Fund, along with more than 35 health care organizations with similar interests, operations and concerns. Our members include for profit and non-profit caregivers, ranging in size from 20 to 900 employees.

There is no better way to control costs than to self-insure. In fact, surplus dividends to members average a 12% return on premiums paid! Governed by the members, each insured facility has the opportunity to participate on the Board of Trustees.

The Fund is in the business of insuring long-term care facilities – this is our niche. We understand the exposures, know how to handle claims based on the typical accidents that occur, and know how to assist in establishing safety activities that encourage positive results and reduce the likelihood of losses. Through proactive claims management and good use of transitional duty work programs by our members, we celebrate reduced costs and surplus returns to members of $10,600,000.