What We Offer

Cost Stability And Premium Returns

Cost stability and premimum returns with MHCAWCF.For our members we provide reasonable premiums based on the unique exposures and loss experiences of long term care facilities. Insurance protection is statutory workers’ compensation for employee injuries with Employer Liability limits of $2,000,000. There are no deductibles on claim payments.

Over the past eight years, we have averaged an annual surplus return to members of $500,000. For most members this equals one month of free workers’ compensation premium! This is one of the wonderful benefits of Fund membership.

Claims Services

We want to help your injured employees get back to work as quickly as possible. Our goal is to provide thorough and fair claims adjusting. Our claims team strives to be responsive, efficient and compassionate. We work with you, the medical provider and the injured employee to investigate and resolve all claims promptly.

Employment Related Legal Counsel

In collaboration with the law firm of PretiFlaherty, Fund members have free access to legal support for issues relating to personnel matters such as:

  • Complaint investigation – what to do, who should investigate, documentation, appropriate actions from findings, etc.
  • Employee dissatisfaction – problems between supervisors and staff, gossiping, non-productive behavior, etc.
  • Discipline for absenteeism, tardiness, insubordination, inappropriate or unprofessional conduct, etc., including scope and appropriateness
  • Termination – definitions of “at will” and ”for cause”, including evidentiary support, risk assessment, use of warnings, process, severance, etc.
  • Compliance with various statutory and regulatory employment requirements

Safety And Loss Control Services

Image of houskeeping.

When injuries are kept to a minimum, everybody wins – the organization, the employees and the residents. We can help you maintain a safe and efficient facility through our annual comprehensive on-site inspections. Our free safety in-service presentations offer employees learning opportunities and foster a positive safety culture.

Our safety educational programs focus on current topics including:

  • Safety Committee Set-up and Operation – establishing and maintaining an effective Safety Committee
  • Accident Investigation – asking the right questions to arrive at the root cause of the accident
  • Annual Employee Safety Refresher – a close look at OSHA training requirements
  • Workplace Violence Preparedness – exploring the impact of domestic violence in the workplace