Our Mission

To be the first and best choice for excellent, cost-effective workers’ compensation self-insurance and services.

Our Values


We are dedicated to SERVICE EXCELLENCE and consistently exceed the expectations of our members.

  • Actively listen, define expectations and continuously build relationships
  • Demonstrate that no job is too small
  • Perform with a sense of alacrity
  • Exhibit dedication, enthusiasm and passion
  • Respond with compassion and fairness to employees injured on the job


We believe TRUST is essential. We deliver on our promises.

  • Always do what we say we will do
  • Consistently act with honesty and integrity
  • Create an environment that values diversity of thought and background


We embrace COMMUNICATION and action. We anticipate customer needs.

  • Use information technology and best practices to exceed industry standard
  • Diligently pursue knowledge in all areas of workers’ compensation insurance
  • Give positive feedback, recognize contributions and celebrate team success
  • Foster a culture of safety in the workplace

Our Services

Who We Are

MHCAWCF offers affordable workers’ compensation group self-insurance protection for long-term care facilities in the State of Maine.

What We Offer

Cost stability, premium returns, claims services, employment related legal counsel and safety and loss control services.

Becoming a Member

Be a long-term health care facility located in Maine.

Board Members:

Chair   Kim Bernard, First Atlantic Corporation
Vice Chair   Nate Bennett, Maine Health Care Association
Secretary/Treasurer   John Bolduc, Odd Fellows Home
Trustees Michelle Raymond, Northern Maine General – term expires 2026
  Christine Riendeau, First Atlantic Healthcare – term expires 2026
  Angela Westhoff, Maine Health Care Association – term expires 2026
  Kim Bernard, First Atlantic Corporation – term expires 2025
  John Bolduc, Odd Fellows Home – term expires 2025
  Nate Bennett, Ledgewood Manor – term expires 2024


Fund Administrator
Pamela Cheeseman, CPCU

Claims Director
Mary Bean, WCP

Director of Safety and Training
Joe Giacomantonio